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The combination of art and music at “ART AND BEATS” is like a powerful language that conveys emotions and ideas without words.

Our art exhibition shows a selection of different styles and a variety of works by young, innovative artists.

Discover a new dimension of creativity.

Exhibiting artists 2024

Art arouses emotions…
But everyone sees it in their own way.

Contemporary PopArt painting

Sabrina Seck

Sabrina Seck’s passion for painting has been with her since childhood. Even at elementary school, she impressed teachers and classmates with her talent for color and drawing.

Over the years, she experimented with different materials, paints, varnishes and pastes, always in search of her stylistic self-realization.

The abstract works challenge the viewer not only through their colorfulness, but also through the combination of both.

The expressive works reflect her passion for form and color. Likewise the connection between the abstract and the concrete, which she has been searching for all these years.

Her unique works are not only eye-catching, but also convey pure joy and happiness.


Tina Bergermann

Tina Bergermann (born Loevenich) was born on 16.04.1973 in Essen. After graduating from high school, she worked creatively in her parents’ hat factory for many years. At the age of 20, she moved to her adopted home of Düsseldorf and was constantly inspired by the very lively and historic art world here.

For the artist, her greatest works are her three wonderful children, who constantly challenge her and keep her up to date.

Her artworks are a tribute to the fascinating colors of nature and an expression of her deep connection to it. The rich tones of a feather dress, the deep blue of the sky and the delicate shading of a butterfly are reflected in her paintings. Her works consist mainly of a mix of acrylic paints, papers and foils.

Her art lies in merging these different components on the canvas. The viewer is thus invited to look behind the individual layers to discover even more.

Stencils, Cut Outs & Paintings


BUJA combines and quotes well-known icons from the worlds of art, media and everyday life in his pictures. These approaches are constantly interwoven with irritating connections that question, puzzle and make absurd what was previously pictorially secured and clarified.

With trivialization and pathos, BUJA engages in fabulation in images, constantly producing new, surprising layers of meaning and turning the banal into art. In doing so, he pursues a kind of existential search for meaning, which is primarily on the trail of the good and the beautiful in the world and in himself.

But he wouldn’t be BUJA if he didn’t infiltrate the whole thing with a false bottom.

Street Art and Gaming

Super ME

SUPER ME is the stage name and at the same time the irony of not taking yourself too seriously.

Born in Germany in 1971, Super me has worked for many years as a creative director for well-known fashion brands around the world and from this he developed his passion for art. In his art, Super me combines his childhood memories shaped by ATARI games and streetwear influences from California. His favorite city is Los Angeles.

Accordingly, the combination of street art and gaming is characteristic of his artworks. He applies his works of art to very different materials and are intended to encourage people to question themselves. Banksy and influences from the gaming and streetwear scene serve as his artistic inspiration.

SUPER ME does not only appeal to art connoisseurs. Everyone can identify with his works of art and question himself and society. Art should be fun and thought-provoking but his sometimes very provocative art, with its honesty and authenticity, always makes the viewer smile.

SUPER ME does not use a specific technique, but relies on mixed media by combining a wide variety of materials and techniques. He prefers to paint with acrylic on canvas and incorporates 3D effects into his often large works.

„Overthinking is the biggest waste of human energy. Trust yourself, make a decision and gain more experience for your life. There is no such thing as perfect. You cannot think your way into perfection, just do it as you believe in.“

experimenting with colors and surfaces

Ina von Bierbrauer zu Brennstein

Ina von Bierbrauer zu Brennstein, born on April 4, 1965, is an internationally recognized artist from Bodenheim near Mainz.
She discovered her passion for abstract art in 2016.

For her, abstract painting is an experiment with colors and surfaces. Piece by piece, she immerses herself in the consistency of the world of color with a brush, palette knife, her hands or other aids. Ambiguous and enigmatic images can be created, for example, by exposing surfaces. The forms suggested in this way seem to relate everything depicted in the works to each other.

Through her spontaneous and intuitive choice of colors and the exposure of surfaces, she creates shadowy, expressive works of art for the viewer, which touch in color and form, stimulate the imagination and radiate lightness. She uses colors without intention or imagination. Her pictures inspire the viewer to dive into their own imaginary worlds and it is always fascinating to see what the viewer can recognize and see in her works.

Only rarely do her paintings bear a name and pretend to be something. It is important to her that the viewers decide for themselves what they see and feel in the pictures.

Since her introduction to the art scene, she has received numerous awards and is now recognized as a sought-after and internationally established artist.

Art for more humanity and openness to the world

Andreas Görzen

Andreas Görzen, born 1986 in Kazakhstan (Karaganda), German artist in the field of Abstract Realism, lives and works in Hachenburg in the Westerwald district.

With his art, Andreas Görzen wants to revive people’s emotions and make their special moments everlasting.

His open-mindedness, joy of discovery and humanity allow him to see the whole world from a different perspective. He wants to share the fascination and enthusiasm he feels for these things with you through his motifs.

His pictures are big! colorful! and loud! They show the full joy of life, enthusiasm and freedom. Memories come back to life and give new vitality. Art is his passion, a satisfaction for his soul.

The beauty and transience of nature

Rosie Tretter

Rosie Tretter has always been fascinated by colors, their effects and expressive possibilities. How anything can emerge from nothing, a white surface.

For her, art is freedom. Reality and fantasy meet and merge into a new world, freeing the mind from its previous imagination, far from all constraints and rules.

Both the artist and the viewer enjoy this freedom – the artist in his ability to express himself, the viewer in his ability to interpret everything.

Her love of nature & wildlife was overwhelmed during her time in Namibia, where she worked at a lodge, and shaped in her the desire to protect it.

She then traveled the world as a flight attendant for several years, getting to know many interesting people and places. Travel and foreign cultures have always been her greatest inspiration alongside nature, and art has always accompanied her and strengthened her urge to capture what she has seen and experienced in pictures.

Pop-Art expressionistisch

Marc Felten

In Marc Felten’s paintings, the Minotaur, the bird-man and the deer-man appear like deities from a contemporary mythology.

These hybrid creatures, depicted with animal masks or as anthropomorphized animals, illustrate the deception and hypocrisy of our society, like those once imagined by Grosz in his satirical visions of a decadent world.

A painting whose strong and raw graphicism is reminiscent of the expressionist paintings of Nolde and Kirchner; contrasting and sometimes flashing colors, close to Pop Art, a kind of automatic creation that would not be denied by the Surrealists; a predilection for assembling and juxtaposing forms, as with the graphic artists: Talented, the artist plays a score in which some notes seem familiar to us, but which in reality combine to form a strange and confusing symphony.

Bringing the canvas to life

Michael Friese

Ever since he was a child, he felt a creativity within him, which he was able to live out in woodworking with his grandfather and in painting, accompanied by his mother.
He attended a painting school for several years in his youth, learning various techniques and how to use paints, brushes and palette knives.

Over the years, he has experimented a lot and now works mainly with oil paint. It is simply challenging to work with and takes a long time to dry, but this pays off in the end and differs significantly from acrylic painting.

Filling a white canvas with life is the challenge every time.

It gives him an incredible amount of freedom to live out this creativity. Combining colors to create contrasts, but also harmony and depth.

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Ron Miller

RON MILLER’s work is characterized by the unique nature and creative vision resulting from years long friendship and artistic interaction between the two artists – Ronny Kindt and Marcus Klüh – who make up the duo from Berlin.

Both artists are self-taught, sharing the same roots in urban culture, the belonging to which greatly influences RON MILLER’s subject matter, ways of expression, and aesthetic.

With intertextual references to pop art and urban culture, RON MILLER’s work is not so much political as it up-to-date with the challenges we face as a global community.

In the 6 years that RON MILLER has been active in the art scene, there is a clear evolution towards visual simplicity and conceptual development. In the past 2 years, the artist have expanded they visual language to 3D expression, incorporating original sculptures, mechanisms, and found objects into their installations.

RON MILLER’s iconic Geisha plays a major role in most of the works, representing the ever-changing dynamic nature of contemporary notions of identity.

The motto ‘FUCK FAME’ is used with irony and a hint of provocation, pointing out the paradoxical nature of the concepts behind fame, popularity, and influence in the era of neo-liberalism, commodification and digitalization of art and culture, and the never-ending trend-setting activities on social media.

Illusion of depth

Susanne Kirsch

Her art gives her a feeling of freedom and provides her with those special moments of happiness that she celebrates so much.

She paints her abstract, large-format works – with acrylic paints, brushes, palette knives, putty, charcoal, oil pastels, brooms, etc. – until that moment of happiness arrives. She is on the hunt for it.

Her art thrives on looking behind the façade, it is a symbol of the unusual and the peculiarities that make life colorful. This imperfection has an irresistible charm and is a source of inspiration for her.

The aim is to challenge and surprise the viewers of her paintings. She wants to encourage them to take advantage of life’s opportunities and to embrace new things in order to develop and grow.

Should? Should have? Could? Would? … DO!!! is her motto.

She wants to break through the ordinary and encourage people to think. Because when we strive for innovation, we can gain valuable life experience and contribute to making our world an even better place.

Through her work, she paves the way to emotions, invites reflection and creates an opportunity to engage with the inner world.

Entrepreneurial Spirit & Long Journey

Pippo Kudi

Pippo is a freelance artist with a great passion for large-format, conceptual abstract painting. Colorful and always with a happy ending!

In his two current series (Entrepreneurial Spirit & Long Journey), he paints two themes that have occupied him for a long time and about which he can tell an infinite number of stories.

In the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” series, he deals with his experiences as a startup founder. Over the course of 10 years, he has helped to set up start-ups and gained a great deal of experience as a managing director and has faced many challenges.

Although he is always drawn back to Hamburg, he is just as often drawn to faraway places! He processes his impressions and experiences of places he has traveled to or lived in in the series “Long Journey”. He always includes culture & cuisine, landscape, as well as people & animals.


Diana Wunsch

The renowned artist Diana Wunsch, internationally known through exhibitions such as New York and Monte Carlo, creates a fascinating atmosphere of harmony and tranquillity with her works of art.

Her art aims not only to inspire the viewer, but also to encourage them to open their senses and experience a deeper self-awareness through a holistic experience.

The monochrome alignment, precise geometry and the use of exclusive materials such as 24-carat gold leaf and rock crystal not only lend the room a higher energy, but also have a positive influence on body, mind and soul.

Diana Wunsch wants to open hearts with her works of art and remind us that there is infinite potential in each of us, ready to blossom.

Expressionistic - psychedelic

Arabella "ARI" Sejdija

Nothing works for this artist without feeling. She paints, she writes, she sings.

With her expressionist-psychedelic paintings, she immerses the viewer in her abstract world and offers endless interpretations. Each of her works tells its own story.

Closing her visual perception and repeatedly changing her painting hand has become her technique.

The recurring forms in her works are the result of precisely this technique. The incorporation of mirror pieces in the paintings has also become her trademark.

The reflections of the light immerse the viewer deeper into this new world. A world that lies dormant deep within the artist
and must come out.


Daniel Hellermann

As a self-taught artist, Hellermann has developed his own technique and style based on the use of epoxy resin as the main medium.

With his dynamic and progressive approach, Hellermann creates artworks that have a strong visual presence.

The combination of abstract forms and organic structures creates a unique visual language that transports the viewer into a world of reflection and contemplation. His artworks invite you to find your own interpretations and engage with the different levels of the work.

His drive and ambition is to continuously improve the materials he uses and to create unique works of art.

“FREESTYLE” RESIN ART (FRA) best describes his abstract artworks.

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